Lower Northside-Depot

Meeting: The Lower Northside – Depot Neighborhood Association meets the 4th Wednesday of every month, at the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center, 1433 Rose St. at 6:30 pm

Email: Lowernorthsidedepot@gmail.com
Phone/Text:  N/A
Address:  Lower Northside Depot, PO Box 1661, La Crosse, WI  54602
Facebook:  Lower Northside Depot Neighborhood
Nextdoor:  Lower Northside and Depot Neighborhood

Board: Chair – Jerry Swim, Co-chair – vacant, Secretary – vacant, Treasurer – vacant

Neighborhood Association Boundaries:  Clinton St to the La Crosse River and Mississippi River to River Valley Dr/Red Cloud Park (western boundary of the park)

Current Initiatives &/or Activities:  Follow our Facebook Page for events, meetings, and more information or feel free to email us directly.