1. Video to register and rent for the first time:
  1. Video to end your rental and lock up your bike:
  1. Get to know the bike! Here is a link to our bike features video:
  2. How do I get started?  Select the “?” icon on the home screen if you want some helpful tips to get started or frequently asked questions.
  3. How old do you have to be to rent a Drift Cycle bike? A person must be 18 years of age or older to register an account and accept the Terms and Conditions for rental. Parents or guardians may supervise the use of a bike for persons 14 years of age or older.
  4. I’m having trouble ending my rental, unlocking, or connecting to the lock.  What should I do? Video link for how to get help:
    1. Make sure you are close to the bike
    2. Try quitting the app and reloading again
    3. Turn your mobile device’s Bluetooth off and back on
    4. Turn off wifi and only utilize your device’s cellular service
    5. Update the Drift Cycle app &/or uninstall and reinstall the Drift Cycle app.
    6. Press the black button on the side of the rear wheel AXA lock
    7. If trouble persists, users may have to go into their Drift Cycle mobile app settings and manually turn-on permissions for Bluetooth, Photo, and Location, even if the mobile device appears to show them on
  5. My phone or app has stopped working during my rental, what should I do?  Continue until you are ready to end your ride at a station.  Try closing and reopening the app. Press the black button on the side of the AXA rear wheel lock, close the grey lever for the rear wheel lock ring, and plug-in the cable lock after securing around the bike rack.  Once you are able, please “Report Issue” or give Drift Service a call at 608-492-3474. 
  6. How do I report an issue? From the menu screen, select “Report Issue”. Please fill in all the fields and take photos. We will resolve and follow-up via email, phone, or text message within 48 hours – usually sooner. Video for how to report an issue:
  7. What does it mean to “Pause” my rental? You are able to lock your bike so that it is secure (i.e. while running an errand). Other users will not be able to rent the bike while it is paused and locked, ensuring it’s there upon your return to resume your ride. Please note that you’ll continue being charged until you end your ride at a station.
  8. Can I rent multiple bikes at a time? Yes! Start up your Drift Cycle app, Click on “Multi Rental” in the top right corner of the screen, Scan the QR code on all of the bikes you wish to rent, and push the button “Start All“.  Each user is able to rent up to 4 bikes at a time! Video link for how to use multi rental:
  9. I am having issues with my app, what should I do?  If having issues with the app, close it and re-open the app.  If the trouble persists, check the “Get Help” section of the app for more trouble shooting steps.
  10. I was charged a penalty fee and I don’t know why.  You may have received a penalty for ending your rental outside of a geofenced station or for damage to the bike. If you think this was in error, please “Report Issue”.
  11. How can I apply a promo code?  Promo codes can be applied in the app menu by selecting “Plans” and entering the code in the upper right hand corner. Video link for how to enter a promo code:
  12. I am a member of a sponsor affiliate organization, how do I get a 50% discount?  First, when opening the app, sign in and register using your registered organizational email with their corresponding domain (i.e.  You will automatically see 50% off pricing whenever using your account linked to that email.  If you signed up with a different email, simply update your email in your profile.
  13. What are the hours for rental?  Rental hours are 5am to 10pm daily during the season.  Off season bike maintenance and storage occurs over the winter, December thru February, and additional dates based on the weather.
  14. What do I need to rent a bike?  Users need a mobile device, the downloaded Drift Cycle app, and a credit card.
  15. Where do I find a bike?  There are 10 hubs and 50 bikes at DRIFT bike racks with signs located around La Crosse
  16. Can I lock my personal bike to the Drift bike rack?  Yes, it was a goal for our racks to provide additional, needed, and secure bike racking in the community.
  17. What should I do if there isn’t room at the Drift bike rack hub?  If there isn’t a good spot, please end your ride like usual and lock the rear-wheel bike lock with cable to a rack as close as possible within the geofence area.
  18. Will there be additional hubs or bikes in the future?  Drift Cycle has identified additional priority locations using past studies, research, and sponsor interest.  We welcome additional funding and sponsor support to help make expansion of bikes and hubs possible.  Please contact for more information.
  19. Do I need to wear a helmet?  The WI Department of Transportation states:  “Wearing a helmet will significantly reduce your risk of being killed or seriously injured in a crash.”  Drift Cycle and the laws of the State of Wisconsin do not require helmets when riding bikes.  If you need a helmet, please visit a local retailer for proper fitting and information.  Donors to Drift Cycle have made helmets available on a limited basis – please contact if you are unable to acquire a helmet on your own.
  20. Can I ride the bike when it is dark out?  Yes.  The bikes are equipped with a front running light and rear facing reflectors on the pedals and fender to improve visibility and meet State of Wisconsin laws.  Additional lights, high visibility clothing, and reflective accessories may also help. 
  21. Can I rent a bike for under 30 minutes, repeatedly, by returning it to a hub and checking it back out at a hub?  Yes, there are currently no restrictions or “cool off” periods.  Drift Cycle reserves the right to adjust the system to meet the goals of the program at any time.
  22. Can my organization or business sponsor a bike or hub?  Yes!  There are many ways to support the program with your time, talents, and funds.  Please contact for more information on pricing and availability.