About Us

LCNI was formed on June 12, 2015 to take advantage of an incredible grant opportunity and to help resolve some of the structural and financial challenges faced by the neighborhood associations. By banding many of the neighborhood associations together, LCNI was able to save costs for each association by offering liability insurance, tax prep, and 501 (c) 3 status. Our founding members, Charley Weeth, Jacob Sciammas and Liz Nutter laid the groundwork for group that would grow to support neighborhood associations and other grassroots efforts including My Free Little Pantry, DRIFT Bikeshare and the Memorial Pool Fund.
-Today LCNI has extended its mission to include not just Neighborhood Associations but any grassroot project in the La Crosse community that needs support in the administrative side of their mission. Clara Gelatt, Jim Bagniewski, Pam Squires, & Dan Manke are the executive officers bringing hope to overcome these challenges by providing support for neighborhood associations and other small grassroots projects to flourish.
A 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation to advocate for initiatives and programs that protect, preserve and improve all of the neighborhoods in the La Crosse area for all of the residents.