Randy Magno & Habitat for Humanity 2019 Award Winners!

La Crosse, WI (October 15, 2019) – The La Crosse Neighborhood Associations are proud to announce the 2019 selection for its two awards given annually in recognition of outstanding leadership, teamwork and exceptional contributions to neighborhood revitalization:  the Sara Sullivan individual award and the Jerilyn Dinsmoor group/organization award.

The public, press & media are welcome to join us at the Mayor’s Conference at the Black River Beach Community Center on Saturday, October 19th at 10:00 a.m. to celebrate and see the presentation of these awards during a short program.

We want to thank the many nominators and other nominees who are equally deserving of recognition for their incredible service and accomplishments.  Here are a few words regarding this year’s award recipients: 

Randy Magno is the 2019 Sara Sullivan Award recipient

Randy Magno was selected for the Sara Sullivan Award because, in the words of his nominators, whether he is up-front directing an activity or behind the scenes ensuring success, his dedication and commitment to improving the Washburn Neighborhood is always evident.  Like Sara Sullivan, Randy has supported so many residents over the years, making him an example for anyone wondering how they can get involved in their own neighborhood and City to make it a better place to live, work and play.

Countless projects and events in the City have benefitted from Randy’s vision, insight, and get-it-done approach.  Whether improving and beautifying the neighborhood through planters and garden areas in need, spearheading and growing the Washburn Neighborhood Garden into 55 plots, organizing the Washburn Garden Expo, and providing rain barrels to residents in the City, his green thumb can be seen and felt city-wide.  His impact on neighborhoods has been felt through his help in founding the City of La Crosse Neighborhood Revitalization Commission, hosting events for neighbors to get to know one another better, and building partnerships, all while making sure being involved in one’s community is fun.  Whether he is throwing candy in the Oktoberfest parade, making his famous 7 bean chili, painting rain barrels, or sharing the great things a person can do in their neighborhood, Randy has given so much of himself to improve our city and you can count on him to continue doing so for many more years!

Habitat for Humanity, La Crosse Area is the new 2019 Jerilyn Dinsmoor Award recipient.

Habitat of Humanity is this year’s Jerilyn Dinsmoor Award recipient.  The impact of “Habitat” on the La Crosse area can be seen in so many ways, including their successful teamwork with the City, neighbors, neighborhood associations, residents, and other community organizations.  Habitat for Humanity continues to grow as a non-profit organization working to economically transform La Crosse and improve the quality of life for all citizens through a strong commitment to home improvement opportunities and community-building. This transformation is taking place by assisting neighbors, residents, elderly, disabled and veterans through home construction, renovation, and repair, community classes, yardwork assistance, and reuse of home materials.

In 2018 alone Habitat for Humanity, La Crosse Area ensured: 4 families became first time homeowners with 2 more under construction; 18 homes were improved through ReNew; over 50 people attended classes such as gardening, saving energy, home repair, and spending time outdoors; 175 elderly and disabled households received yardwork assistance through Neighbors Day; over 1,000 individuals volunteers over 20,000 hours; and over 800 tons of materials were diverted from the landfill.  Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area’s commitment to our neighborhoods goes beyond work and fills our community with life.

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  1. We received a raised garden box from Washburn Neighborhood Association about seven years ago. It is now falling apart and we would like to get it repaired or replaced. We are looking for information regarding the best person or place to do this. We are able and willing to pay for this service and are just looking for direction on who to contact. We would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you

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