Dear Residents of La Crosse, City Council Members & Potential Partners Regarding Memorial Pool

We hope you will carefully consider the future of Memorial Pool tomorrow, May 3rd from 11am-1pm or 6:30pm-8:30pm.

We also hope as many stakeholders as possible are able to come and complete the 5min survey that will help Burbach Aquatics to complete their feasibility study and help the City Pool Committee to form their recommendation as was their charge from the Mayor & Council President.

We know our City faces many complicated financial decisions each year, and we take an investment like this very seriously.  Our group continues to work so that a pool will serve the greatest number of residents, areas of need, & potential partners.

A pool located at Memorial is the best investment for the greatest number of people given its:

-Historic value & status as a Veterans Memorial

-Cost-effective advantages

-Safety & health benefits

-City-wide support verified in the UWL survey (7 out of 10 support it)

-Ability to attract investment as well as revitalization where needed.

Some specific items to keep in mind and share, as well as visuals below:

  1. Memorial Pool serves 8,000 more people & 4 or more neighborhoods within a 1.5mile radius(10min bike ride/30min walk/15min bus) better than any other site – especially our downtown, future riverside north & central neighborhoods who deserve healthy living and a place to learn to swim.


  1. Outdoor pools are cost-effective and an affordable investment to help areas needing revitalization.  City pools keep our city attractive & vibrant and in use when users & employees are available, without operating in colder weather or needing a much larger facility.


  1.  Memorial concepts are for more than just recreation and youth – it is for all ages, variety of users, programs & partners. Its central location can serve the whole city.  An amazing new pool can bring joy, community health & a life saving skill for the next 80 years to millions of users.

Most of all, your support is so important because we have heard from the community that they will help finance a project at Memorial if we all rally behind it…so let’s keep working together!

Thank you,

Sue Bulk, Lynn Wolter, John Jolley, Kraig Brownell, Nancy Johnson, Dennis Ross, Kristine Wilson, Joey P. Kay, Chau Nguyen & Jacob Sciammas


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