If you or a neighbor need help picking up food or medicines, please email hintgenna@gmail.com or call 608-315-2693. 

Ourneighborhood partnered with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to co-host NATIONAL NIGHT OUT on Tuesday, August 2. We had a potluck and met with local police  and firefighters. We also got to see a fire truck and the fire simulator. We had a great turnout and wonderful food. Plus we got a lot of socks and underwear for Hintgen school children!

Donations of children's socks and underwear.Our meeting dates for the rest of 2022 are September 20, October 18, and November 15. If you have suggestions for guest speakers or discussion or program topics, please email us at HintgenNA@gmail.com or call 608-315-2693.



The Hintgen Neighborhood Association meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Mormon Coulee Road & Birch Street.

Contact: HintgenNA@gmail.com

Board: Co-Chair: Cathy Van Maren, Co-Chair: <vacant>, Secretary: Denise Burns, Treasurer: Sue Bluske

View our organizing documents:

Hintgen Neighborhood Association Boundaries: 

Diagonal Road to the North, to the Eastalong the Railroadtracks along 29th Street South, to Holly Place, Broadview Place and Mormon Coulee Road to the South, and Losey Boulevard to the West.