We hope you received a postcard from the La Crosse Neighborhoods Association and City of La Crosse with links, and phone numbers for those seeking information and assistance. We especially hope to reach those who are not online.
If you or a neighbor need help picking up food or medicines, please email hintgenna@gmail.com or call 608-315-2693. Also, if you know of someone without internet access who needs assistance getting something done online, please have them call.

At our phone-in meeting on Monday, May 11 we heard an update about the Highland Park project. Work has started by the Dirt Monkey. The plan has been updated due to budget, off-site shade trees, and ease of maintenance. You can see the updated plan here. If you’d like to help plan a grand opening, please email HintgenNA@gmail.com or call 608-315-2693.

Have you completed your census form yet? Please complete the form online if you haven’t yet. If you got a letter in the mail with your census code, follow the instructions. If you don’t have a code, please start on this page.

La Crosse Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department has updated its COVID guidelines. Check them out at their web page.

Volunteers plant brassicas at the Aptiv Community Victory Garden on May 15.

The City of La Crosse is seeking volunteer gardeners for city Victory Gardens which will provide food, exercise, and community-building over the summer and fall. If you are interested in volunteering, please email HintgenNA@gmail.com. In addition, if you would like to help keep the Hintgen School garden fed and watered over the summer, please contact Linda Vale at GROW La Crosse

There are several fund and food drives in our community to help those who are having trouble with basic food and money needs. The City has a great and easy to use page of resources.

AND even as we have seen and experienced incredible acts of selflessness, kindness, cooperation, and caring, unfortunately we are also seeing many reports of physical and verbal attacks against Asians, including our La Crosse friends and neighbors. Let’s watch out for all our neighbors so we can all get through this in a healthy and hopeful way. If you do see or experience bad behavior, please consider stepping in if you feel safe doing so, calling the La Crosse Police Department non-emergency number, 608-782-7575 or, if you feel someone is in danger of immediate physical harm, 911.


The Hintgen Neighborhood Association meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at the GOODWILL Retail Store and Training Center (3954 Mormon Coulee Road).

Contact: HintgenNA@gmail.com

Board: Co-Chair: Cathy Van Maren, Co-Chair: <vacant>, Secretary: Denise Burns, Treasurer: Sue Bluske

View our organizing documents:

Hintgen Neighborhood Association Boundaries: 

Diagonal Road to the North, to the Eastalong the Railroadtracks along 29thStreet South, to Holly Place, Broadview Placeand Mormon Coulee Road to the South, and Losey Boulevard to the West.